chapel hill

old film::roll #7


i'm thinking that this roll is from fall of 98 or winter of 98/99 (based on the poster in the bathroom). maybe i was home for thanksgiving? i dont think it could really be winter as there are no coats being worn. thanksgiving in chapel hill was often warm. i also don't know why else i would be home at this time if it weren't thanksgiving.

there are 3 distinct sets of images on this roll.

set 1) my guess is jordan lake. it's definitely not university lake. i can't think of any other bodies of water in that area that look like that. but! i also can't figure out  or remember why i would go to jordan lake.

set 2) this is the house that i will forever think of as "the house i grew up in".  i loved that house. not sure why all of the images are of the doors or door knobs. wish i could tell you. but there were a lot of doors in that house. the image above is looking into my parent's bedroom.

set 3) images of my immediate family. all 5 of us. which is pretty rare for this time period. i think we are all waiting for a table outside of 15-501  diner.  we all look a lot younger in these images but my mom hasn't aged a bit.

the processing and scan on this roll is less than great.. you can see chemical spots. hair and dust. not sure how i feel about that.

you can see the whole roll here.


old film::roll #5


there are 7 years between my youngest brother, rob, and me. he was in early middle school at this time, i think.

he was sitting on the hood of a car in our driveway and i asked him if i could take some pictures of him. he obliged. i had regularly taken pictures of our brother, nolan, but not too many of him and i wanted to remedy that.  he can do these odd "tricks" with his eye lids, so i asked him to do them. it's really bizarre looking. rob and my dad are the only people i know that can do this. are there any more of you out there?

there was one time, we were in church, he flipped his eyelids and turned around. the person behind us audibly gasped and we all laughed. my mom was pretty upset but was also trying to not laugh at the same time.

the framing on some of these images confounds me. what was i going for??

you can see the whole roll here.


old film::roll #2


oh boy. this is a weird mix of people and places. must have been a winter break as some of the images are in chapel hill (carrboro) and some are in chicago. 

i am not entirely sure who one of the images is of or where it was taken. it feels and looks so familiar but can't for the life of me place it.  not being able to access this information in my brain is incredibly frustrating for me.

i am still very fond of this stretch of homes in carrboro- have always loved the porches. they don't look much different now. possibly a tad tidier.

ah..pearly sweets and the platonics. but only part of the band-karl, boz, pearly sweets; where is h carl?

you can see the whole roll here.