old film::roll #7


i'm thinking that this roll is from fall of 98 or winter of 98/99 (based on the poster in the bathroom). maybe i was home for thanksgiving? i dont think it could really be winter as there are no coats being worn. thanksgiving in chapel hill was often warm. i also don't know why else i would be home at this time if it weren't thanksgiving.

there are 3 distinct sets of images on this roll.

set 1) my guess is jordan lake. it's definitely not university lake. i can't think of any other bodies of water in that area that look like that. but! i also can't figure out  or remember why i would go to jordan lake.

set 2) this is the house that i will forever think of as "the house i grew up in".  i loved that house. not sure why all of the images are of the doors or door knobs. wish i could tell you. but there were a lot of doors in that house. the image above is looking into my parent's bedroom.

set 3) images of my immediate family. all 5 of us. which is pretty rare for this time period. i think we are all waiting for a table outside of 15-501  diner.  we all look a lot younger in these images but my mom hasn't aged a bit.

the processing and scan on this roll is less than great.. you can see chemical spots. hair and dust. not sure how i feel about that.

you can see the whole roll here.