old film::roll #5


there are 7 years between my youngest brother, rob, and me. he was in early middle school at this time, i think.

he was sitting on the hood of a car in our driveway and i asked him if i could take some pictures of him. he obliged. i had regularly taken pictures of our brother, nolan, but not too many of him and i wanted to remedy that.  he can do these odd "tricks" with his eye lids, so i asked him to do them. it's really bizarre looking. rob and my dad are the only people i know that can do this. are there any more of you out there?

there was one time, we were in church, he flipped his eyelids and turned around. the person behind us audibly gasped and we all laughed. my mom was pretty upset but was also trying to not laugh at the same time.

the framing on some of these images confounds me. what was i going for??

you can see the whole roll here.