old film::roll #6


these are from visiting amy in college. she lived on the beach which was quite different from my college apartment in chicago. warm, spacious, the ocean out the front door. i think she lived with two or three other women and then 3 or 4 of their guy friends lived next door. those guys also happened to be on the baseball team. 

i can't remember whose skateboard it was that we were all playing around with, though i am pretty sure it was amy's. i also can't remember what time of year this was. the birthday cake images are throwing me off.

these were taken (i think) with a lomo camera. the one that takes an image a split second apart then forming the grid. you can see it in the arms of the guy on the porch.  i wonder if i still have this camera.

dan and i were recently in wilmington and i asked him to drive by this house. it looks exactly the same but it's in different location than what i remembered. oh well, i guess that's what 17-18 years does to the brain.

you can see the whole roll here.


old film::roll #2


oh boy. this is a weird mix of people and places. must have been a winter break as some of the images are in chapel hill (carrboro) and some are in chicago. 

i am not entirely sure who one of the images is of or where it was taken. it feels and looks so familiar but can't for the life of me place it.  not being able to access this information in my brain is incredibly frustrating for me.

i am still very fond of this stretch of homes in carrboro- have always loved the porches. they don't look much different now. possibly a tad tidier.

ah..pearly sweets and the platonics. but only part of the band-karl, boz, pearly sweets; where is h carl?

you can see the whole roll here.